Essential Oil Peppermint

K.D 5.000

Peppermint has a bright, penetrating and mentholated fragrance that instantly clears and refreshes the breath and mind. Peppermint has a very powerful aroma and must be diluted or is sharp to inhale. The smell of peppermint is very strongly menthol. This oil has a myth surrounding it due to its aphrodisiac properties. In Ancient Greece it was believed that there was once a nymph called Menthe who Pluto was chasing. Pluto’s wife, Persephone, got wind of this and relentlessly went after Menthe. She finally caught up with her and trod her into the ground. Upon hearing this Pluto showed unusual compassion and made Menthe into an herb- now known as peppermint. It is used today mainly as an oil for inhalation since it can cause irritation to the skin. When inhaled it is excellent for remedying anger, nervousness and depression- nature’s own pick-me-up and calm-me-down.

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